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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Cure for Facial Tics

I don't normally do site reviews but I just had to do this one as it covers something that is very close to my heart. The site is called Facial Tics , and the reason why I wanted to do it is because it offers a way to eliminate the facial tics some kids have.

I first noticed my son Ryan making some odd jerky motions with his head when he was about 2. Shortly after that, came the constant monotone hum and the weird blinking. I had no idea what was going on and thought I had a very strange child on my hands. It never occurred to me that it could be Tourette's Syndrome. I had heard of it before and had even seen several television dramas about it. But in those, the kids were always shouting out obscenities. Ryan made weir
d noises but he didn't say any words at all.

When Ryan was in Kindergarten, his teacher told me she thought he may have Tourette's and that I should have him checked out by a neurologist. So off we went to the doctor who told me that my sweet little son did indeed have Tourette's Syndrome. I was both relieved and upset. I was relieved because at least now I knew he just wasn't weird or crazy. I was worried about his future. I knew he would have a hard road in school. Kids can be very cruel and the strange tics were perfect fodder for school yard bullies.

The doctor said that they didn't like to medicate young children as the medication often caused serious side effects. They saved it for the extreme cases. Fortunately Ryan's was mild to moderate. The doctor did say that once Ryan started puberty, he could either get much better or much worse. Puberty seemed to bring on a change in the condition for some reason. I prayed that Ryan would be one of the lucky ones who would improve with adolescence.

In the meantime, we had at least 6 years of a hard childhood for my little boy. And it was rough at times. He did have friends who liked him despite his weird facial tics. But a lot of people including his own grandmother just didn't understand. She actually spanked him one time because she thought he was irritating her on purpose with his tics. How I wish I had come across the Facial Tics back then. It would have been a god-send.

I haven't tried the Facial Tics product so I can't attest to the effectiveness of it but just looking at the testimonials gives me hope for all the other families out there that struggle with the same thing we went through. They say they can help you eliminate your child's tics within 72 hours, safely, with no medication! And there is 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

If you have a child with tics, or know of one, you owe it to them to give Facial Tics a try. There's really nothing to lose and you could save your child years of trauma like my Ryan had to go through.

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Sue said...

Cathy, I am glad that you spoke out about this. Our family has had many friends with Tourettes and have seen the variances in the degrees. Thank you for sharing and for reaching out to those other families who may be dealing with their own struggles regarding it.

(((HUGS)) Sue

Tamra said...

I stumbled upon your blog via entrecards and I'm glad I did. My son is 14 and has Tourette's. He was dx when he was 8, in 3rd grade. 3rd and 4th grade were very hard on him. He was bullied all the time by a certain group of kids who didn't understand that he wasn't "making faces at them".
Luckily for us, he is now in 8th grade and is doing alot better. We have taught him how to relax and avoid stress. When he's stressed, his tics pick up in frequency and severity.
I wish you lots of luck with your son and really hope things improve for him.

SlogBite said...

I got here through "Slog-a-Blog". Good luck with Tourettes. I have a mild case of restless leg syndrome. I am not comparing that to Tourettes, but I often wonder if there is a connection with both of these and Parkinson's.....that whole area of involuntary muscle movements.