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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Frustrating Blogs

You know, I'm up to 5 blogs now. Several, I'm not promoting as they are very niche oriented but my "babies" I promote quite heavily and write to daily. Which got me to wondering, "why don't I post to this, my first blog, more often?"

I have an answer to that question. It's because I'm using the blogger platform. Yes, I have gotten my own domain name but I'm still using blogger's platform & it drives me CRAZY. I used to love blogspot. It was so easy to use, even a non techy could set up a blog in just a few minutes!

Somewhere in the Fall though, during one of Blogspot's updates, my blog got all wacky on me. Now, it's a rare occurrence that I can write a blog post without something going wrong. Usually, when I publish it, half my post has disappeared. But I have had other issues too. And with Blogsot, there is no support so I'm stuck with a buggy blog. I did ask in the blogspot forums but no one could help there. So out of frustration, I just unconsciously started posting less and less to this blog.

So if you wondered why I went from posting almost every day to just several times a month, this is why. As much as a learning curve there was with getting used to Wordpress, I feel more comfortable with it now and don't have the same frustrations. I probably should figure out a way to transfer this to wordpress now. I know you can with blogspot blogs but it might be a bit more complicated with it being on my own domain too.

Anyway, if you'd like to check out my other blogs, I started a brand new one recently called "Saga of a Work at Home Mom" or It's about my life as a single work at home mom but each day I will add a life tip or business tip.

And if you are a dog lover, check out "Bloggy Doggies" or
And do keep checking back here. Since this blog is tied to my Cathy's Creations business, I don't plan on abandoning it. I'm gritting my teeth and forcing myself to deal with the blogspot issues and post twice a week. I think I can handle that much without going completely bonkers.



Angie (Losing It and Loving It) said...

I would leave this one where it is and add a Wordpress self hosted blog to your Cathy's Creations .com website and start fresh. This one can be a stand alone and you could post to it once a month and just link to the new one. That is what Lynn Terry does and what I'll be doing once I get my name domain up.

Blogspot is actually harder for me now that I have learned WP plus WP is more search engine friendly!

I am in the process of cleaning out my feed reader so I'll go ahead and delete this one and add your new one to my reader.

Providence Acres - Sheryl Gallant said...

I have problems with Blogspot too. It is buggy. I started a blog on Wordpress but they won't let me design it very much without paying for it. I am considering using the Wordpress software and hosting my own, if I ever have time to delve into it.

cathy said...

Sheryl, once you go to a self hosted Wordpress blog, you will never go back! There is so much more flexibilty with them. You can find thousands of free themes. Also hosting for one little blog like that is really cheap. I believe you can get it as low as $5 a month at Hostgator & several other hosts.