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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Smarter Office Organization Week

This week is Smarter Office Organization Week at Frugal Work at Home Moms Talk Radio and do I have a doozie for you! Now, in my defense, for the last 4 months, I have been working 18 hour days and haven't had a minute for myself much less a minute to clean and organize my office/studio. But now, things are slowing down some and I have a chance to look at this messy room in disgust.

It's time to get it clean and organized so I can feel peaceful and productive again. Now the major problem with me is I can organize just fine. Maintaining is another matter. I would love some tips on how to maintain my work space after it's cleaned and organized. And I wouldn't mind orhanizing tips too. I'm always collecting new tidbits in orgainzing hoping maybe I'll find the magic bullet that will click for me. Or at least make things easier.

I have the added incentive of having my dad's beautiful roll top desk sitting in the middle of my living room, just waiting for it's new home in my office.

I'll go ahead and list some of my tips.

* When cleaning, leave a basket by the door to put things that need to go to other rooms.
* Have a box for things that need to be given away and a trash bag for trash. I also have a basket for things that I don't know what to do with yet.
* Have "stations" for things. For example, I have a station where I pack my orders, a station where I do the finishing, etc.
* Try to clean up every night before you leave your office for the day. This is hard for me as I often have ongoing projects that really can't be put away. But if I clean up what I can, it makes things much smoother the next day.

Ok, so please don't think less of me. Here are the pictures of my room that looks like a tornado hit it:

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Anita said...

Oh I don't think any less of you Cathy! LOL! Mine is nothing better to say the least. This is actually something I HAVE to work on this year - no question about it.

I have to get organized and on a schedule. I just picked up a full time client for 20 hours a week plus I already have another part time. Anyway - this is just what I needed to finally climb the mountain of success - so, the last thing I want to do is screw it up because I'm an un-organized mess!!

By the way - I found your blog at Lynn's blog. Enjoy the seminar! I so wish I could join you! I'd love to find more like-minded WAHMs like you who seem to really take this internet business things SERIOUSLY!

Alrighty - enough rambling! Love your blog ;-)

Cottage Flair said...

My workspace, believe it or not, looks worse than that! Thanks for visiting my blog. I searched all over the Atlanta Gift Mart for chandeliers that I loved for a reasonable price. I listed those chandeliers on my site yesterday. They are truly more beautiful in person. I need to take better photos. Have a great weekend.